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Luma Spark is a Social Media Management Agency unlike any other. We provide SME’s (Subject Matter Experts) with a complete range of bespoke solutions from social media management to content creation to cost-effective paid advertising campaigns.  All done for you!

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The challenge of social media is that it’s constantly changing. And the question for many, is how do you keep up when it moves so fast?  Don’t fret, we’ll help you decide which social media platforms are worth your immediate attention while building an actionable strategy centered on your expertise to help you reach the most success.

Being Online = Static.  Being Responsive and Mobile = Dynamic

We’ve all found ourselves, at one point or another, wondering (at times, out loud) how can we keep up with it all?  The mere thought of trying to keep up with Joneses of social media might cause anxiety for some! Well, you no longer have to..we’ll help you amplify and manage your social media presence and increase your engagement several fold. And the best part? You can be social without even having to think about it 🙂

Imagination, Meet implementation

expert positioning content strategy Writing as a form of communication, had its roots planted tens of thousands of years ago. However, the earliest “true” form of writing dates back to around 3500-3200 BC. While much has changed along the way, including how we communicate with one another, one thing remains constant, and that is our need to exchange thoughts, ideas, information, and impart knowledge in a manner that’s simple, easy to understand, and interesting to others.

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Initiate, Influence, Impact

Subject Matter Expert (SME) Key Influencer Thought Leader Change Agent

Expert Power is the ability to influence the behavior of others based solely on one’s past experiences, education, and expertise.

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Guest Blogging
The benefits of guest blogging include the ability to position yourself as an authority and increase your exposure, brand, reach, and engagement.
Expert Interviews
Media outlets of all types rely on experts to serve as trustworthy confidants and resources.
Speaking Gigs
Taking to the stage and delivering “Rock Star” presentations is an effective way to establish yourself as an expert and build credibility with your audience.
Becoming an Expert In your field

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Gain influence, dominate your niche and generate media attention with our custom expert positioning and authority marketing strategies.

Our expert positioning and authority marketing strategies are designed to help increase your market value no matter which industry and/or field you’re working in. 100% ROI

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