“Life is no brief candle to me. It’s a sort of splendid torch which I’ve got hold of for the moment, and I want make it burn as brightly as possible before handing it on to the future generations.” –George Bernard Shaw

You’re super busy, you’re working hard, and you’ve got no time on your hands? Who am I?

I’m an executive with a diverse background of successes to draw from and consistently deliver strong results and receive positive feedback from my team and, to top it off, I’ve got a great assistant who manages the onslaught of the corporate world.  And yet, on most days of the week, I’ll be lucky to catch a glimpse of the sun.

That’s why a growing number of Executives have decided to take more control over their own career, voice and progression.  Unfortunately, many aren’t seeing much traction or ROI for their efforts due to the lack of time they have available to devote to their career goals, and aspirations. Plus, with so many more platforms, strategies, and avenues being hailed as the NEXT BIG THING, it’s hard to know where to start and easy to feel dispirited.

We hear you and feel you! Many of our client executives found themselves in precisely this same position before they came to us. The good news is, like those clients who now enjoy the benefits of increased opportunities and elevated standing in their communities, YOU FOUND US.

Our mission here at Luma Spark, from day one, has been to help executives take back control and get back on top of their game. So whether you’re transitioning or just wanting something new, our team of Supers, Hulks and Gladiators can help.

A successful EXECUTIVE, by our definition, is the culmination and confluence of time, passion, education, experience, and the right support team.

Are you ready to tap into your executive power?


Our Team

Creative & Marketing Director
David R.
Expert Strategist/Coach
J. Howings
J. Howings

“LumaSpark helped me regain my focus, and turn my knowledge into a best selling product”.  J- Howings.

We engage our clients

Despite considerable technological breakthroughs, the most important part of any business remains the same: what’s in it for the client? Client engagement is not a one-time push, but rather a continuous, on-going effort to align your expertise more clearly with your client’s needs.


You can elevate your status as an expert by offering your knowledge with the highest standards in guidance and advice! See how others have leveraged their expertise to position themselves within their “niche” field.

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Our team of experts regularly contribute to this blog — sharing articles, white papers, videos, insights, and impressions about the industry of Experts and where it’s heading.

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